Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Gwinnett County Commission Chair Candidate Will Costa Receives the George Washington Honest Government Award

Gwinnett County Commission Chair hopeful Will Costa is honored for his life-long commitment to honest government by the State of Georgia Tea Party, LLC. The award is given to candidates that best embrace an understanding of our Founding Father principles of limited and honest government.

“The only legitimate function of government is to protect the Freedom and Liberty of the People. This is especially true of state and county governments, because these political entities are the most important to guarantee our Freedom and individual Liberty. Most citizens focus on the federal government apparatus, but county government touches the citizen far more intimately than the federal government. Gwinnett County is a large taxing authority that maintains dominion over your health and welfare in your home. We must control the growth of county government and nurture Freedom and Liberty at the grassroots level to truly achieve Freedom and Liberty.” Costa said.

Costa received an “A++” rating for his pledge of honest government.

Since May 2010, the State of Georgia Tea Party, LLC, a grass roots Tea Party services organization, has worked to give a voice to constitutional and fiscal conservatives living with the inspiration of the Founding Fathers. The organization has led a statewide movement to help elect constitutional and fiscally responsible Conservatives.

“I intend to make transparency in county government real. I will open the political process so that more Gwinnett citizens have ownership in their county government and as Chairman I want all to know their voices will be heard. I will shrink the size and scope of the Gwinnett County government without causing chaos in the institutions that protect our Life and Property -- the fire and police departments,” Costa says. “I’ll let the County Sheriff and Fire Chief determine the resources they need to protect the Life and Property of our citizenry and I will protect their Liberty by cutting non-essential government.”

Costa is the only candidate that has spent a lifetime in private industry and political advocacy. Costa served as the Legislative Director for the Libertarian Party assessing the impact of legislation on the Freedoms and Liberty of the citizens of Georgia. As Chairman of the Gwinnett County Board of Commissioners, Will Costa will bring this vast knowledge and experience to serve all the citizens of Gwinnett County.

The State of Georgia Tea Party, LLC is proud to name Will Costa as our George Washington Honesty in Government Award recipient on behalf of the citizens of Gwinnett County Georgia.

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