Monday, September 29, 2008

Rep. Butler Presented with Public Citizen Award

The Murphy Center for Public Service at the University of West Georgia presented the annual Public Citizen Award to Representative Mark Butler. The award is given in recognition of a career dedicated to the public and in appreciation of service to the state of Georgia. Dr. Stanley Caress (l), director of the Murphy Center, made the presentation following Butler’s address to political science students.

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Fayette County Post 105 Legionnaire of the Year

Fayette County Post 105 of The American Legion has selected Dick Miller as their 2008 Legionnaire of the Year.
Outgoing Post Commander Dave Niebes, left is shown congratulating Miller, an Air Force veteran and a long time Legion member. He was appointed Post Adjutant for the past 2 years, attended the American Legion College and has provided great service to his post in many ways.
Dick and his wife Ann live in Fayetteville.
Post 105 is the oldest Legion Post in Fayette County and meets the second Monday of each month at the Log Cabin in Fayetteville.
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Fayette Schools Earn Achievement Awards

Fayette’s elementary, middle and high schools have collectively received 30 awards from the Georgia Department of Education in recognition of their academic achievement.

The inaugural Superintendent’s Distinguished Achievement Awards honor schools that had the highest achievement and greatest improvement on state curriculum tests: the Criterion-Referenced Competency Test (CRCT), the Georgia High School Graduation Test (GHSGT) and the End-of-Course Test (EOCT).

All of Fayette’s awards were given in the “achievement” category. The top 10 schools in the state with the highest percentage of students scoring in the “exceeds” category in each honored subject area and grade level received achievement awards. The honored subjects and grade levels include Grades 1-8 Reading CRCT; Grades 2 and 6 English Language Arts CRCT; Grade 9 Literature EOCT; American Literature EOCT; English Language Arts and Reading GHSGT; Grades 1-8 Mathematics CRCT; Algebra I EOCT; Geometry EOCT; Mathematics GHSGT; Grades 4 and 8 Social Studies CRCT; U.S. History EOCT; Economics EOCT; Social Studies GHSGT; Grades 5-8 Science CRCT; Physical Science EOCT and Biology EOCT.

A total of six elementary and middle schools received achievement awards for performance on the CRCT:

Braelinn Elementary – Grade 2 Reading and Grade 2 Mathematics
Huddleston Elementary – Grade 2 English Language Arts and Grade 2 Mathematics
Kedron Elementary – Grade 2 Mathematics, Grade 3 Mathematics, Grade 4 Reading, Grade 4 Mathematics, Grade 4 Social Studies, Grade 5 Mathematics and Grade 5 Science
Peeples Elementary – Grade 4 Mathematics
Bennett’s Mill Middle – Grade 6 Science and Grade 7 Science
Rising Starr Middle – Grade 6 Reading, Grade 6 Mathematics, Grade 6 Science and Grade 7 Mathematics

Both McIntosh and Starr’s Mill high schools received achievement awards for performance on the EOCT:

McIntosh – Algebra I, Geometry, American Literature, Biology, Physical Science and Economics
Starr’s Mill – Physical Science and Economics

Again, both McIntosh and Starr’s Mill earned achievement awards for the GHSGT:
McIntosh – English Language Arts/Reading, Mathematics and Social Studies
Starr’s Mill – Mathematics
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Governor Recognizes Water Savings at Covington General Mills Plant

Celebrating the partnership between industry and municipality during one of the worst droughts in Georgia’s history, Governor Sonny Perdue joined employees at the General Mills Covington facility for a tour and firsthand look at the water conservation efforts created by the plant’s state-of-the-art wastewater treatment facility.

“General Mills is playing a leading role in changing the way we do business in Georgia,” Governor Perdue said. “Through our Conserve Georgia initiative, we are asking our citizens and our businesses to make conservation a daily part of their routine. The savings here at General Mills not only represent less water usage, but also cost savings to the company. This company is the perfect example of how conserving can not only help our environment, but also its bottom line.”
The treatment facility came online in August 2006 and is able to restore about half of the plant’s process wastewater so it is clean enough to use for other purposes. The purified water is then reused for non-food contact purposes such as dust removal and cooling.

As a result, the treatment facility has trimmed the plant’s water consumption by an average of 46 percent – or about 5.3 million gallons per month, which is enough to supply about 1,000 homes.

Last March, The Georgia Association of Water Professionals gave General Mills the “2007 Water Conservation and Reuse Award” and the “2007 Industrial Pollution Control Award for an Indirect Wastewater Discharger”.

“This water treatment and recycling project is one more example of General Mills’ commitment to its role as a corporate citizen, to the community and to the environment,” said Mark Bible, plant manager of General Mills’ Covington facility.

In addition to helping preserve the environment, it’s estimated that the treatment facility saves General Mills about $840,000 per year in annual water utility costs and surcharges. While this type of treatment and reuse system is common in Europe where water costs are high, it is rare in the United States where water costs are typically low.

“This project is a huge step toward sustainable manufacturing,” said Jeff Hanratty, manager of safety and environmental for General Mills. “We hope to take some of the concepts we’ve learned at Covington and apply them to other facilities around the world.”
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