Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Youth Equine Champions Honored in Atlanta

More than 400 people visited the Georgia capitol on February 11 for the first Youth Equine Champions Day.

The event was sponsored by Georgia’s Equine Commodity Commission and honored young people who took part in national and international horse shows in 2008. Approximately 180 young equestrians took part in the day’s activities which included tours of the capitol and the opportunity to meet legislators and Georgia Agriculture Commissioner Tommy Irvin.

These young people have a 24-7 commitment to their equine partner,” said John Clements of the Equine Commodity Commission.

“Some may think that being an equestrian only means that you ride horses, " he said. "These young people know that it involves feeding, grooming, caring for equipment, and providing veterinary care as well as exercising their animal and learning maneuvers. You see dozens of cowboy hats here for Youth Equine Champions Day, but I also see thousands of hours of hard work and dedication demonstrated by these young people.”

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