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The Top 20 Most Frugal Cities of 2010 Revealed

(BUSINESS WIRE)--Attention, shoppers: Atlanta residents are saving more money than you are. When it comes to whittling down that grocery bill and tackling rising food prices, Atlantans are doing it best by using coupons.

“Especially in the South and Midwest, shoppers know how to keep their pennies in their pockets, racking up substantial savings throughout the year.”

For the second year in a row, Atlanta takes the top spot on the ‘Most Frugal U.S. Cities’ list, according to the 2010 Savings Index1 released today by, the premiere Web destination for coupons and savings. On average, regular users of in Atlanta printed more than $1000.00 dollars in coupon savings from the site in 2010. That is almost twice as much as during 2009, when they printed $531 in savings.

Tampa cashed in with coupons and maintained its position as the city with the second most savings. On average, regular users of in Tampa printed $863.00 in savings. Following on the savings heels of Atlanta and Tampa are, in order, Cincinnati, Saint Louis and Minneapolis, according to the Index.

“Across the country Americans are incorporating couponing into their shopping routine to alleviate rising food costs and keep their grocery bill in check,” said Jeanette Pavini, household savings expert. “Especially in the South and Midwest, shoppers know how to keep their pennies in their pockets, racking up substantial savings throughout the year.”

The South is a mega-saver: more than one-third of the top 20 frugal cities are in the Southern region of the United States. In addition to Atlanta and Tampa, other Southland cities on the list include Charlotte (#6), Nashville (#7), Raleigh (#10), Oklahoma City (#13), Miami (#13) and Dallas (#14).

Once again, Ohio is the country’s most frugal state. The Buckeye state is represented three times on the ‘Most Frugal U.S. Cities’ list – Cincinnati (#3), Cleveland (#8) and Columbus (#19).

North Carolina is Ohio’s biggest challenger, climbing the penny-pinching ladder with two cities in the top 10: Charlotte and Raleigh.

For the first time it was raining green in the Pacific Northwest as Seattle (#18) joined the list. Seattle is the only city on the West Coast that made the cut.

In 2010, regular users of hailing from the top 20 most frugal cities printed or added more than $1023.00 in savings to their store loyalty cards, which is almost twice the amount from 2009 of $535.00. Nationwide, more than $1.2 billion in savings was printed or saved to loyalty cards from and the network during 2009.

The Top 20 couponing cities are below.

2010 Rank     Change Since 2009     City     State     Savings Index
1         Atlanta     GA     997
2         Tampa     FL     569
3         Cincinnati     OH     497
4         Saint Louis     MO     420
5         Minneapolis    
6     ↑ 1     Charlotte     NC     303
7     ↓ 1     Nashville     TN     291
8         Cleveland     OH     289
9         Pittsburgh     PA     250
10     ↑ 1     Raleigh     NC     235
11     ↓ 1     Kansas City     MO     233
12     ↑ 3     Washington     DC     207
13     ↓ 1     Miami     FL     202
14     ↑ 4     Dallas     TX     198
15     ↓ 2     Oklahoma City     OK     198
16     ↓ 4     Boston     MA     192
17         Denver     CO     170
18     ↑ 5     Seattle     WA     153
19     ↑ 1     Columbus     OH     147
20     ↓ 1     Wichita     KS     146
Table 1: Top 20 Frugal U.S. Cities

Most On-the-Go Frugal U.S. Cities

Super-savers are tapping into savings via mobile apps for their cell phones, including’s Grocery iQ and the mobile apps.

When it comes to saving on-the-go, the citizens of Atlanta have the most frugal fingertips, based on use of the apps according to the Index2, which is reflected in the city’s top position on the Most On-the-Go Frugal Cities list in Table 2. The rest of the South is also smart when it comes to cellular savings. In fact, the South is home to 10 cities represented on the top 20 cities using mobile apps to access, browse, print and save coupons.

“More and more, people are taking advantage of coupons using mobile devices,” comments Pavini. “People are not just clicking for coupons from their computer, they are accessing them on-the-go and even at the supermarket.”

Some cities have a higher propensity to access coupons via mobile phones. For instance, savers in Oklahoma City, New Orleans, Las Vegas and Philadelphia are quick to look to their mobile device to maximize savings and advance on the On-the-Go list relative to their position on the ‘Most Frugal U.S. Cities’ list.

While they’re on the couponing wagon, Minneapolis, Cleveland and Seattle missed the mobile train: these cities ranked high on ‘Most Frugal U.S. Cities’ list, but each moved down several pegs on the On-the-Go list.

Top 20 Most On-the-Go Frugal Coupon Cities are below.

2010 Rank     City     State     Savings Index
1     Atlanta     GA     906
2     Tampa     FL     531
3     Saint Louis     MO     490
4     Cincinnati     OH     374
5     Oklahoma City     OK     363
6     Dallas     TX     282
7     Charlotte     NC     280
8     Pittsburgh     PA     246
9     Tulsa     OK     241
10     Miami     FL     238
11     Minneapolis     MN     235
12     Washington     DC     232
13     Nashville     TN     226
14     Raleigh     NC     222
15     Wichita     KS     219
16     Kansas City     MO     214
17     New Orleans     LA     198
18     Cleveland     OH     196
19     Denver     CO     177
20     Memphis     TN     165
Table 2: Top Frugal U.S. Cities - Mobile

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