Tuesday, August 17, 2010

MCG students receive medical illustration awards

Medical College of Georgia medical illustration students and alumni collected 14 awards recently at the 65th annual meeting of the Association of Medical Illustrators in Portland, Ore.

“I am very appreciative of the support our program and students receive from the MCG administration and the deans, faculty and staff of all five schools,” said Dr. Steve Harrison, chairman of the Department of Medical Illustration. “Over the years, our students have collaborated with faculty to develop communication projects for varying audiences: medical specialists, students, patients and the lay public.  It is through these collaborations that our students prosper in the profession and receive recognition and awards.”

The Lifetime Achievement Award, the organization’s highest award, was given to MCG alumnus William B. Westwood, Class of 1972, of Westwood Medical Communications in Albany, N.Y.

Student Salon winners include:

·         Paul Kim (’11), Orville Parkes Award for Student Best of Show and Award of Excellence for “Superficial Parotidectomy,” Instructional Line category

·         Douglas Walp (’10), Award of Merit for “Kidney Physiology: Reabsorption in the Proximal Tubule,” Animation 

Professional Salon winners include:

·         Patrick Eckhold (’08), Award of Merit for “FDL Transfer for Drop Foot Using the Bio-Tenodesis System,” Instructional Color

·         Glen Hintz (’85), Award of Merit for “Pressure Ulcer Stages,” Instructional Color

·         Andy Rekito (’02), Max Brödel Award of Excellence for “Optimal Management of Malignant Epidural Spinal Cord Compression,” Instructional Tone, and Award of Merit for “Medical and Surgical Treatment of Movement Disorders,” Marketing/Promotion

·         Hardy Fowler (’07), Award of Excellence for “Severe Facial Laceration with Repair,” Medical-Legal, and Award of Merit for  “Tension on Anastomosis Leading to Leakage,” Medical-Legal

·         Paul Gross (’86), Award of Merit for “Weakened Cough Allows Aspiration,” Medical-Legal

·         Nobles Green II (’05), Awards of Merit for “Colon Resection” and “Ovulation,” Animation

·         Birck Cox (’80), Award of Merit for “Spine Surgery Tricks of the Trade,” Illustrated Medical Book - Atlas

In addition, three corporate awards included MCG alumni on the production team.

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